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Failure Mode and Effect Analysis 失效模式及其影响分析 1 Module Objectives课程目的 ? Describe FMEA principles and techniques. n 描述FMEA的法则及技巧。 ? Summarize the concepts, definitions, application options and relationships with other tools. ? 摘要概念、定义、应用的选择和其他工具的关联。 ? Perform a FMEA ? 执行一个FMEA。 FMEA FMEA: Failure Modes and Effects Analysis FMEA is a systematic approach used to examine potential failures and prevent their occurrence. It enhances our ability to predict problems and provides a system of ranking, or prioritization, so the most likely failure modes can be addressed. FMEA是用来检查潜在 失效和预防它再次发生的系统性方法.它增强了我们预测问题的能力,并提供了一个排序或区分 优先次序的系统,因而使得最可能的失效模式得以确定. FMEA is generally applied during the initial stages of a process or product design. Brainstorming is used to determine potential failure modes, their causes, their severity, and their likelihood of occurring. In Six Sigma, we apply FMEA to know failure modes. Our main interests are the cause and likelihood of occurrence, for which we have actual data and do not need to rely on brainstorming. FMEA通常应用在工艺及产品设计的初期,自由讨论决定潜在失效的模式、原因、严重度及发 生的可能性。在6S中,我们应用FMEA去了解失效的模式。我们主要感兴趣的是原因及发生的 可能性。 FMEA is also a valuable tool for managing tasks during defect/failure reduction projects. FMEA也是一个在失效缩小的管理任务的有价值的工具。 Definition of FMEA 定义 FMEA is a systematic design evaluation procedure whose purpose is to: 是系统的设计评估程序 1. recognize and evaluate the potential failure modes and causes associated with the designing and manufacturing of a new product or a change to an existing product. 认识和评估新产品的设计和制造时或对现有产品做出 改变时相关的潜在失效模式和原因 2. identify actions which could eliminate or reduce the chance of the potential failure occurring, 确定消除或减少潜在失效发生机会的行动 3. document the process. 使过程形成文件 A Failure Mode is . . .失效模式是…… ? Failure to perform a defined function 执行既定功能的失效 ? Something occurring that you don‘t expect, or want 发生了你不希望或不想要的事情 ? Wrong application 应用错误 FMEA Use by Black / Brown / Green Belts ? To identify potential failure modes and rate the severity of their effects ? To identify critical characteristics and significant characteristics ? To rank potential design and process deficiencies ? To help all of us focus on eliminating product and process concerns and prevent problems from recurring ? Reduce the product development timing and cost Background Developed in early 60’s by NASA to “failproof” Apollo missions. Adopted in early 70’s by US Navy . By late 80’s, automotive industry had implemented FMEA and began requiring suppliers do the