In what way do you think globalization will affect your life and caree

发布于:2021-07-28 17:58:19

In what way do you think globalization will affect your life and caree Since the threshold of the new millennium, China has been a member of the World Trade Organization for eleven years. With the attendant globalization, numerous unprecedented changes have taken place in China, effecting our lives and careers. Personally speaking, globalization will have impact on my life and career both in advanced tools and life styles. In the wake of the process of globalizing, new technology is so widely spread and living standards are so highly raised that even in a small corner of the market one can purchase things coming from the faraway countries. Those technology products such as robots, smart phones designed, produced and sold to every part of the world make it possible that I can gain the up-to-date information, the best services or types of things I desire while staying at home, bringing plenty of convenience to my daily life. In addition, I might be able to teach a variety of pupils all over the world via the Internet. For another, my life styles will be greatly influenced. As the world is turning into a small village, I will access to crossing borders, getting in touch with foreign scholars without obstacles, and being exposed to all manners of culture. Nevertheless, globalization is a dual-edged sword, hence we must not skip over its potential harm to our economy, politic, military, culture and society while making the full use of its interests.